Gabrych, Woods and Smith are the creative team on Detective 791, in which Batman must hunt for the relatives of a dying girl.


A 16-year old pregnant girl is brought into Leslie Thompkins clinic after being shot in the stomach.  Leslie fears the girl will not survive the night, and contacts Oracle, to contact Batman.


The relationship between Bruce and Leslie, once so strong, has developed tensions over the past few years, as her disapproval of his violent ways has increased.  To be fair, Batman is far more violent than he was when her character was introduced in the mid-70s.  But she knows what he is capable of, and needs her Jane Doe identified, and relatives found, before the woman dies and her baby is left orphaned.


Batman delves into an underworld of deprivation and poverty for children, among the seedy denizens of the underworld.  He does get a name and address for the girl’s sister, but when he returns to the clinic, Leslie and the girl have vanished.

The story continues next issue.


Much of this installment of The Tailor, by Lieberman, Dziakowski and Green, is a flashback to the heyday of a villain team called Mayhem, which the Tailor was a part of.


We see a robbery of theirs go terribly wrong, someone gave information to the cops.  The Tailor was, and still is, blamed for being the snitch, and the other gang members intend to exact vengeance.

The story continues next issue.



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