It’s another chapter of City of Crime, by Lapham, Bachs and Massengil, in Detective 807 (Aug. 05).


Batman spends the duration of the story wandering around the poorer parts of Gotham (Crown Point in this storyline).  He is in disguise, but a stranger, and he can learn little except that the poor have learned not to trust strangers.  So he tells Robin to hold the fort, and creates a new identity, becoming a longshoreman in order to penetrate their world.


Alfred’s story, by Beatty and Parker, reaches its conclusion in this issue.


The attempted assassination of Parsifal has to do with Russian agents and double-dealings among the Germans, but none of that really helps Alfred, who has to fight his way to freedom.  He takes down Gudra with a shotgun blast of rock salt.


And though he makes it back to England safely, the Germans have a heavy price out for the butler-spy, and Alfred is encouraged to leave the UK and take up a different identity somewhere else.  And that’s how Alfred Beagle became Alfred Pennyworth, and came to the US to be the Wayne’s butler.

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