Batman discovers where the mudpeople, the Body, comes from in Detective 813 (Jan. 06), as Lapham, Bachs and Massengil relate the second last chapter in City of Crime.


Things are going haywire in the hospital.  Aside from the Body, the paranoia/hallucinations plague is spreading.  As Gordon deals with a hysteric, Robin watches Scarface climb off the Ventriloquist’s body, under his own power.


Batman goes deep beneath Gotham in his quest for the Body, to an underground city and ruined temple.  There is something ancient and supernatural about these creatures.


They have been using the bodies of those fleeing to somewhere even worse, when Gotham’s slums become too dangerous.


Batman can beat the creatures to pieces, but simply cannot defeat something that is willing to pull its own head off to show that the Body is not confined to any one body.

The story concludes next issue.



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