Paul Dini begins his run of Detective Comics with issue 821 (Sept. 06), with art by James Williams III.


Batman and Robin discover a gang of thieves posing as high society, and the victims can be traced back to an exclusive Gotham club, which the Wayne family has long been members of.


So Bruce goes undercover as himself. He runs into an old friend, Matthew Atkins, who has had some financial problems, and thinks he may be a link to the group.  He tries to figure out if Matthew is faking being so drunk that he needs to be carried out by a busboy.


After a woman makes a play for him, and Bruce pegs her as one of the gang, Batman goes into action, tracking her and taking the gang down.  They are lead by a man named Facade, who has a cool mask – though that’s largely due to Williams amazing art.  Facade turns out to be the busboy, tired of catering to rich fools.

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