Royal McGraw returns to script a tale that brings back the Terrible trio, with Andy Clarke on the art, in Detective 832 (July 2007).


The Terrible Trio were one of the more embarrassing groups of villains to have fought Batman back in the 60s.  They had had an excellent revival in the Dr.Mid-Nite miniseries in the 80s, but had not appeared since.  This story opens as Batman and Commissioner Gordon examine the remains of a body fed to the fishes.  Only because the teeth were pulled first are the even able to identify it, as the Shark from the villain team.


The screens in the Batcave are used very effectively, showing us the Terrible Trio in and out of the masks, a tidy introduction.  Batman and the police try to find the Fox and the Vulture, figuring they are either the killers, or the next victims.


Batman does find the Fox, who tells him of the mysterious Fourth Man, who is hunting them down.  But Batman is not able to prevent the Fox from being eaten alive by wild dogs.


Nor does the Vulture fare much better, as birds are sent to attack and eat him.  But Batman does make it in time to confront the Fourth Man.


It turns out to be the Shark, having gone crazy.  And though he had never been shown to have anything super-human about him before, in this story he is able to regrow teeth,as a shark does, so the teeth left by the first corpse were a decoy.


He still gets captured, and sent to Arkham.  The Great White Shark, introduced in the Arkham Asylum: Living Hell miniseries, makes his first appearance in Detective.  Arkham is too small a pond for two sharks…




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