Dini, Nguyen and Fridolfs launch the five part Heart of Hush storyline in Detective 846 (Sept. 08).  This is part of Batman RIP, which is not a storyline so much as the grab bag title for the final storylines of the Bat-books before the character’s apparent death in Final Crisis.


Catwoman joins Batman as they pursue a villain called Mr Aesop, because he quotes Aesop’s Fables during his crimes.  He has stolen a lion, and planning to sell it to be hunted and killed, which is why Catwoman cares about the case.


Hush has returned to Gotham City, and is keeping a watch on Batman and Catwoman.  This storyline gives a lot more of the background of Tommy Elliot, and how he became Hush, although this issue just recaps territory covered in his first storyline: how he arranged a car accident to kill his parents.  His mother survived, horribly crippled, and Tommy had to tend to her as he grew.  Now, back in Gotham, he has taken over an abandoned hospital, and has been rounding up and drugging the homeless, making them his servants.


There is some good action with the heroes and the lion, and they almost capture Mr Aesop.


Hush steps in, killing the thief, and making his presence known to Batman.  He wants to kill Batman himself, and will protect him from anyone else who intends to.

The story continues in the next issue.

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