Both of the series launching in Detective 854 (Aug. 09) spin out of the miniseries 52.  Batwoman Kate Kane was introduced in that book, which also saw Renee Montoya adopt the identity of the Question , following the death of her mentor Vic Sage.


Greg Rucka and James Williams III are the creative team on the Batwoman series. Williams really likes double page spreads, and it becomes a defining feature of her series.  She is visited by Batman (now Dick Grayson) in this story.  Batwoman intends to root out the thirteen coves in Gotham of witches that worship the Crime Bible, continuing her adversaries from 52.


Kate’s father, who knows her secret identity, is concerned that she is returning to action too soon after being stabbed in the heart, but she knows she needs to get rid of the people who made her feel so vulnerable.  The page this is discussed on has a curious, unexplained flashback to a woman with a bag on her head, clearly in a hostage situation – a tease for later revelations.


As she busts up another coven, Batwoman runs into Alice.  All clad in white, with matching skin, and making a huge art contrast with Batwoman, Alice speaks only in lines from Alice in Wonderland, and will become her chief adversary.

The story continues in the next issue.


The Question begins a long, serialized story in this issue, also by Greg Rucka, with Cully Hamner on the art. In fact, the Question’s entire run will consist of this one storyline.


Renee has moved in with Tot Rodor, the previous Question’s mentor/sidekick.  They have a website on which people post requests for help, most of which are worthy of being ignored.  Renee follows the case of a girl from Mexico, being smuggled into the US, who went missing along the way.  The girl’s brother is concerned for her, and hires the Question.


Her investigation immediately leads her into seedy territory, and the implications of what is shown in the room is frightening, almost more frightening than the armed goons she faces as the story reaches it cliffhanger.

The story continues in the next issue.


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