Rucka and Williams III continue the Batwoman storyline in Detective 855 (Sept. 09), as she and Alice go head to head.


Alice is so clearly psychotic that it takes Kate a while to pick up on the fact that she speaks solely in lines from the Alice books.  But then, Kate was a soldier, so one can forgive her not catching literary references right away.


Alice resorts to that good ole poisoned razor in the mouth gag.


Kate flees, but the poison makes her hallucinate, and again we see images of children being taken hostage.  Batwoman’s father, Jake Kane (I should have properly introduced him last issue) gets an alert, and goes out to help her.


Alice turns on the coven, killing them, before heading out after Batwoman.  Her father finds her first, with Alice close behind.  And then some scary monsters come out of the woods.

This continues (better than it might) in the next issue.


Rucka and Hamner continue the Question’s quest (I’ll never do that again, I promise), as she faces off against them men who had been running the porn apartment.


Renee proves herself more than a match for the three men, and gets the name of their boss.


She proves more than a match for the receptionist as well, talking her way into the office, although she does get tasered.

The story continues next issue.


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