James Gordon Jr is once again the focus of the story, as Snyder and Jock deal with murders past and present in Detective 875 (May 2011).


Back when Gordon was still just a captain, and James was young, there was a serial killer of children in Gotham, the Peter Pan Killer.  Gordon was never able to catch the man he thought was guilty, but the crimes have started again.  This is intercut with young Gordon realizing his son is disturbed and dangerous.  One of his friends went missing, and Gordon suspected James.


The two stories are intercut throughout, and climax together, as Gordon discovers that the Peter Pan Killer went to try to kill his son many years ago, but couldn’t get to him, so killed the girl instead, which Gordon had always blamed his son for.

Overall, these stories are meant to show his doubt about his son, and whether to treat him as a criminal or not.  It’s all a bit undercut by events in Birds of Prey, where James is unquestionably evil.

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