Detective 876 (June 2011), sees Snyder and Jock begin a three-part story that will introduce a new version of an old villain.


Remember those whales from a couple of issue ago?  Well, they gain importance now, as one shows up in a bank lobby.


With a dead body inside, nonetheless.  Commissioner Gordon calls Batman onto the case, and they determine the identity of the dead woman, who worked at the bank, which is run by the daughter of Anthony Zucco, the mob boss who had Dick Grayson’s parents killed.


Batman goes to question her.  The woman, who has changed her name to avoid being associated with her mobster father, claims to have no idea about the murder or the whale.  But after Batman leaves, she immediately calls someone, begging him to stop.


Batman, of course, spies on the call, and traces it to a gangster known as Roadrunner.  Investigating his place, a large auto junkyard, used for hiding and rebuilding stolen cars.  But Roadrunner sees Batman, who wanders right into a place for crushing cars, it seems.  Roadrunner has no problem trying to kill Batman when he does something so dumb.

The story continues in the next issue.

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