Snyder and Jock continue their whale mystery in Detective 877 (July 2011).


Batman avoids being crushed by the cars, and confronts the Roadrunner, who has many crimes to his credit, but not the whale murder.


Questioning the daughter of Zucco again, she is much more open.  She confesses to having lied to Batman, for fear of him.  Everyone assumes she will have criminal leanings because of her father, and both Roadrunner, and a pirate who calls himself Tiger Shark, have been harassing her to launder their money.  She had refused, but figured Roadrunner was the killer.

Batman buys this, even though there is a huge gap of logic. The body was found in a killer whale.  Would the person behind more likely be a car thief, or a pirate who names himself after a sea creature?  Why did she call the car thief?


Anyway, with another suspect at hand, Batman swims out to find Tiger Shark, who has a massive ship in the harbour, and is not hard to find at all.

The story concludes in the next issue.

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