Scott Snyder and Jock tie up their James Gordon Jr storyline in Detective 881, the final issue of the series.


Commissioner Gordon fills Batman in on his son’s activities.  It never gets known for certain whether he really put anti-psychotics into the formulas of thousands of babies or not, the heroes are left to wonder.


James tortures Barbara, piercing her legs through the arteries, and later removing a knife to drain her blood.


James has a big villain monologue, explaining that he was behind earlier events, such as the dealer at the Mirror House.  I almost expected him to reveal that he was also the masked Tiger Shark, but he refrains from going that far.


The finale gets to a point where it seems like one is reading a Halloween or Friday the 13th comic.  But it’s all superbly rendered.


And Commissioner Gordon does provide and uplifting ending, literally, as he saves James from falling to his death.


I really do not care for ending the story, and the series, on the panel of the possibly psychotic babies.  In fact, it made me glad the series was ending, and we were spared a storyline of crazy babies attacking Gotham.

Flashpoint puts and end to all the DC books, and three months down the road, the New 52 launches.  Detective Comics is part of the starting line-up for that universe, beginning with a new issue 1, and will be discussed in my blog when I reach that point.  Years from now, I expect.


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