Yikes!  Beware of ship 386!  Nothing can stop it.  Nothing in Action 11 (April 1939), that’s for sure, which is why the deadly cruiser is not in the comic.


Siegel and Shuster give Superman an oil well swindle to deal with in this issue.


Clark Kent goes on the story, talking to the people who bought the stock in the worthless well.  He adopts a phoney identity, Homer Ramsey, to buy the stock, spending his savings.


He goes undercover, trying to get a job at the site, which is not even being drilled.  As Superman, he drills and drills all night until he hits oil.


Hearing of the well’s strike, the con men want it back, and try to buy it from “Homer.”  He refuses, and they send out hit men after him.  Superman has little trouble with them, and returns to the con men, demanding a million dollars for the shares.  They pay him, though it takes all their money.


Superman then promptly heads back to the field, destroying the derrick and setting fire to the well itself, leaving the men nothing of value.

But I wonder, Superman must have made quite a profit on this, unless he spent a million of his own money buying the stock.


Scoop Scanlon’s undercover adventure continues.  We find out quickly that Rusty did not die.  Scoop shot him in the belt buckle.  Lucky Rusty doesn’t wear suspenders.


The Larroway gang eventually catch on to Scoop, just as the police show up.  They thrust Scoop into the centre of it, and he gets shot, repeatedly, apparently by both sides.

The story continues in the next issue.


Since his series began back in More Fun Comics, Pepe Morgan’s tale have always involved a sporting event, until this one, by Guardineer.  Pep takes a walk by the harbour, and gets shanghaied onto a ship.  The captain is a tyrant, and refuses to release Pep.


Pep discovers that the ship is smuggling guns.  Pep then shoots one, alerting the captain. But Pep does not take the gun with him, or use it to stop the captain.  And Pep thinks he’s a sap for shooting it off.  No, Pep, there are other reasons, too.


Pep jumps overboard and swims to shore, narrowly avoiding a shark.  He informs the authorities about the ship, and they intercept it.  Pep does get to shoot the captain through the hand as they round up the crew.






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