Action 35 (April 1941) has the first of a number of militaristic covers on the book this year.  But strict neutrality is maintained, the attacking armies are never identified.


Jerry Siegel is joined by Wayne Boring and Don Komisarow on the art, as Lois Lane investigates a worthless gold mine, the stock of which is being bought up, even if the owners have to be forced to sell.  It’s the third story in a row to deal with natural resources, following the coal mine last issue, and the lumber camp before that.


Superman is clearly flying in this issue. No amount of leaps or streaks could explain the control over direction and speed that he demonstrates.  So far as I have been able to determine, there was never a specific story in which his ability to fly was revealed, as there were with so many of his other powers.  It was simply a natural outgrowth of what was being shown on the page.


The story is a bit more complex than the last two, with the worthless mine being used to store stolen gold, and the shares bought up to ensure no one came around.  But mostly it’s Lois Lane getting into trouble and needing to be rescued by Superman.


Jon Valor is stuck in his tighty whiteys in this Black Pirate chapter, by Moldoff.  The Black Pirate does manage to put out the fire consuming the junk, but the Asian crew has taken over his ship in the meantime.


The Queen of the Seas is finally given a real name in this issue, Bonnie.  She doesn’t get to do much. After seeming so tough in her debut, the character has quickly degenerated to the clinging romantic interest.  The Black Pirate swims out to take his ship back that night.  He sneaks aboard and kills the man at the wheel, steering the ship back towards his men.


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