The Toyman makes his first appearance in Action 64 (Sept. 43), in a story by Don Cameron, Ed Dobrotka and George Roussos.


Clark Kent and Lois Lane first encounter the Toyman in the park, as he hands out toys to children.  With no real motivation besides greed,he decides to turn his toy making skills to crime.  Curiously, he begins by sending a letter to Lois Lane, announcing his intent.


The letter also gets Superman on his trail, but the Toyman’s crimes always leave bystanders in danger.  Superman is so busy taking care of them that the Toyman repeatedly gets away.  Lois Lane tracks him down, and gets captured, of course.  That gives Superman that extra impetus he apparently needed to capture the villain.

Despite appearing on the cover, I’m not sure whether Toyman was really planned to be a recurring character.  The story seems pretty basic.  He returns about six months down the road in the pages of Superman.


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