Susie Tompkins makes her second appearance in Action 68 (Jan. 44), which does everything to indicate that it is her first appearance.  I’m not sure why Don Cameron, Ira Yarborough and Stan Kaye felt it was important to pretend the earlier story did not exist.


Susie is introduced to Clark Kent at the Daily Planet, and perhaps that is why she doesn’t seem to recognize him.  I mean, Lois can’t tell the difference between Clark and Superman due to their glasses, so perhaps there is a genetic abnormality in her family that prevents recognition in different situations.  Anyway, Susie immediately starts lying, telling Perry White that she caught a whale.


Superman is enchanted by her, for some reason, and goes out of his way to make her story seem true.  Maybe just because Lois is always coming down on the girl, and as Clark, he feels her pain.  Whatever the reason, it’s the worst thing Superman could have done, as Susie learns that Superman will make her lies come true.  Hearing about Lois’ newspaper scoops, she decides to call ion one herself, about a forthcoming riot.


Lois is angry and embarrassed when the story comes out under her byline.  Superman starts trying to find out what Susie overheard to spark the story, and discovers that her lie was, in fact, true, if only by fluke.  He stops the riot, and Lois’ reputation is restored.

It’s a couple of years before Susie returns, in the pages of Superman.


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