Another very specific cover image on Action 72 (May 1944), with no connection to the story inside.


Siegel returns to these pages, with Ira Yarborough on the art, as Superman comes to the aid of a moving company suffering sabotage.


On what must be a very slow day in Metropolis, Perry White assigns both Lois and Clark to do a story about the moving company – before any sabotage has happened.  It’s only when the reporters arrive that the first “accident” happens.  One of the crew is of German descent, and is suspected to be a Nazi saboteur.


Siegel is to be commended for this story.  The villain is actually the head of a rival moving company, who is using the fear of saboteurs to cover his tracks. While many stories from this era have evil Nazi agents lurking everywhere, and most everyone with a German accent is a foreign agent, this story goes out of its way to show that leaping to conclusions helps no one except the actual criminals.


Greene and Baily have the Americommando in Tokyo in the final few stories from his run.


Tex once again adopts the guise of a Nazi officer, this time Captain Brand, and sets up shop in the German embassy.  It’s likely his most successful mission, as he manages to destroy a convoy of ships carrying fuel and supplies.  Americommando’s role in this is suspected, but not Brand’s.  The story ends as Tex learns that Dr. Ito has been called in.  Though why Ito would be still considered a competent man to hunt for Americommando is puzzling.


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