Ira Yarborough gets the credit for the Superman story in Action 75 (Aug. 44), which pits the hero against Johnny Aesop.


This guy really ought to have been fighting Batman.  Inspired by his last name, he sends fables as clues to the Daily Planet.  Perry White and Lois Lane help interpret them, and Clark dashes off to become Superman, and foil his plans.  This happens a couple of times before the final confrontation, where things go very weird.


About to shoot Lois, and confronted by Superman, Johnny Aesop suddenly gets a headache.  Superman massages his head, with the result that Johnny loses all his criminal tendencies.  And Superman KNEW this would happen!

It’s a shame we never got to see him super-massage other villains into submission.  With Luthor’s bald cranium, I’m surprised Superman could resist.


The Dummy returns in this Mort Meskin Vigilante story.  He gets released from prison after announcing that he will go straight.  For some reason, Vigilante gives his ok to this.


A series of robberies promptly begin, committed by a shadowy man called the Lash, who steals old blunderbusses.


We discover that the Lash is working for the Dummy, but Vigilante and Stuff still accept his help in tracking down the Lash.  Once the Dummy leads him to where the villain is hanging out, he reveals his true colours, as they try to kill Vigilante.  Vigilante triumphs, of course, and learns that stolen money was hidden in a blunderbuss, but the Dummy didn’t know which one it was, so they were stealing all they could find.


Edwin Smalle gives Congo Bill a completely city based adventure in this issue.  Bill is in Metro City, hired to guard a fur shipment.  But hoods are hot on his trail, and try to get him out of the way by framing him for theft.


So Congo Bill spends the adventure fleeing the police while tracking down and stopping the fur thieves.  It’s a decent story, but I could have used some jungle skills or something.



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