While the cover of Action 85 (June 1945) goes for humour, the Superman story inside is not one of the “funny” ones, that have become so common recently.


The Toyman returns, in this story by Don Cameron and Ed Dobrotka, pulling a series of robberies, in which he only takes items made of jade.


The first robbery in the story is the best, as the Toyman surrounds a ship with deadly toy boats.  Lois Lane is on board, sent to do a story on the cruise, while Clark is assigned to the Toyman, and winds up scooping Clark on his own story.


At one point the Toyman blows up a train bridge, expecting the engineer to stop the train, so he can rob it. The Toyman is shocked when the train does not stop, and upset at the idea of the passengers dying.  Superman repairs the bridge in time, but it is still notable that the Toyman is very much not a killer in these days, no matter how often he threatens Lois.

The stolen jade pieces turn out to form a map to hidden loot, which Superman retrieves and returns.

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