Once again, the cover of Action 87 (Aug. 45) goes for the laugh, while the Superman story inside is more serious.


Ira Yarborough holds the credit for this story, which begins as Clark Kent is assigned to do a story on truckers.


The story does set out giving some of the lingo of the trade, and touches a bit on what the life is like,but quickly gets sidetracked into a complicated story, which involves a former police officer who may be part of a criminal gang.


In fact, the former cop retired after killing a man in self defense, but regains his nerve while helping Superman round up the real bad guys.


Mort Meskin brings the Dummy back for this Vigilante story.


The Dummy meets an experienced counterfeiter and forger while in prison, just before his men arrange a breakout, using a trained dog.


The Dummy then uses the forger as a front, opening a gallery, which really operates to copy famous paintings and sell them, replacing them with the forgery.  As the Vigilante already knows the Dummy is on the loose, it doesn’t take him long to track them down.  And the dog shows itself to be more useful in a fight than the forger.


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