John Sikela brings Hocus and Pocus back for their second adventure with Superman, in Action 88 (Sept. 45).


Their detective agency has not been very successful, but they also have not, apparently, tried using their magic, as Hocus and Pocus still believe they have the powers.  A man hires them to entertain at a party, and they accept. Superman decides to help them, as they are planning to spend the money they make on war bonds.  I wonder how they are affording food and shelter.


At the party, a con man enlists their help in extorting contributions for a phoney youth centre.  Superman continues to help them, putting their victims in deadly and terrifying situations.  They gladly fork over huge sums to end the torment.


At the end, Superman exposes the con man, so the money really does get used for building the youth centre.  But you can’t help but feel something is wrong.  Superman willingly tortured those people, even if he was only fulfilling the “magic spells” of Hocus and Pocus.  And this time Superman doesn’t even try to convince the two that they have no magic.

Hocus and Pocus return in the following year.


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