Superman Christmas stories are almost a genre in themselves.  There are certainly enough of them.  Action 93 (Feb. 46) has one I find particularly interesting, as it really reflects 1945, as opposed to any other year.


Lois and Clark are doing a story for the Daily Planet on a Christmas party for war refugees, many of whom are children, longing to be re-united with their families, in this Ira Yarborough tale.  Superman decides to do this for as many as he can.  We see Christmas celebrations in Alaska and Venezuela, as well as one in China, which is a bit odd.  But the stories add a degree of local detail, rather than just repeating stereotypes.


Of more interest is his stop in Russia, shown to be joyously Christian, even on the “collective farm.”  It would be a very long time before Russia was shown again in such a friendly and sympathetic light.


The Netherlands seems relatively untouched in Superman’s scene there, but France is shown with a semi-ruined church, and an entire village in Norway is shown in ruins.  The fighting is over, but the war remains among them.


The story ends with Superman setting Lois up so that Clark can get the kiss under the mistletoe.  After close to ten years, he deserves it.


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