Action Comics continues to attempt to evoke laughter with its Superman cover on issue 103 (Dec. 46).  Myabe it worked on you, it didn’t on me.


The story in the issue is pretty good, though.  Ira Yarborough does the art, as Lois and Clark accompany an expedition in Central America.  They find the entrance to a buried city, and light restores the inhabitants to an active state.


This follows many such stories, with the ancients having knowledge far greater than that of the modern world.  In their eyes, spreading their culture, and eradicating the current one, is all for the greater good.


Superman sees the city begin to spread out through the jungle, and uses it as an excuse to explain where Clark Kent went.


In an interesting twist, rather than battling the ancients, he takes them on a tour of Metropolis, showing them the wonders of the “present,” which is some cases exceed anything the ancients had managed to achieve.  He wins over most of them, though there is a climactic fight with one who still wants to destroy the outside world.  This battle winds up demolishing the machine the ancients used to spread their world.  The story leaves them in Central America, no longer immortal, and unable to reconstruct their society.  So I guess Superman just sort of left them to be eaten by wild animals.


The Rainbow Man escapes prison again, and Vigilante is hot on his tail in this story by Roussos.  For some reason, the Rainbow Man spins a colour wheel to determine the theme for his next crime, rather than planning it out in advance.  Perhaps that why this spree does not work very well.


He pulls off a gold themed crime, attending a fund raiser disguised as an artist.  Greg Sanders is also performing at the benefit, and has learned to pay attention to those he shares the stage with.  He spots Rainbow Man, who can tell that he has been recognized.  For some reason, Rainbow Man does not put two and two together, and figure out that Greg is the Vigilante.


The Rainbow Man eludes Stuff and the Vigilante, and spins his wheel again.  His red crimes do not succeed, though, and he gets captured.  But will return!

It’s odd that Rainbow Man, who has faded into obscurity, outlasted the Dummy, and made more appearances in the Golden Age than that villain.

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