Jerry Siegel and John Sikela put Hocus and Pocus centre stage in Action 97 (June 1946).


Perry White assigns Clark to do a story on a Magician’s Convention, which seems kind of tame.  But he does order Clark to find a better story there than any other paper.  Hocus and Pocus also plan to attend, and Superman decides to once again make their magic come true.


Fortunately for Clark, there seem to be a lot of criminal magicians attending the convention, competing for the grand prize.  He flies around at super-speed, making the spells of Hocus and Pocus come true as they round up their evil rivals.


Superman’s activities ensure that Hocus and Pocus win the big prize, which they then donate to charity.  And as before, they remain completely ignorant of the fact that they do not have powers.

But you do have to feel sorry for the other, honest, magicians who lost out to them.

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