A slapstick-y cover for Action 98 (July 1946), and an equally light Superman story inside this month.


Ira Yarborough brings back Lois Lane’s niece, Susie, for another romp of lies that Superman makes comes true. Completely unlike the Hocus and Pocus stories, in which he makes fake magic come true.


Susie starts off the story by insisting that she is about to become a movie start.  Her mother, Lois’ unnamed sister, gets upset with her for lying, and Susie runs away.  She goes to sleep in what seems to be an abandoned car, but it actually belongs to some thieves.


While Lois and Clark starts searching for the runaway girl, the hoods use Susie to gain access to a home, in order to rob a ruby of the owner.  Susie realizes she is helping thieves, and runs away from them as well.


It’s a lot of chaos and silly comedy, which of course ends with Susie actually being in a movie.

It’s somewhat ironic that all of Susie’s “lies” eventually come true, with Superman’s help.  Is Susie really lying, or does she have some sort of psychic power she is too young to understand?

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