John Sikela helms this story, which deals with two former GIs who set up a newsreel company in Gotham City, in Action 111 (Aug. 47).


The blimp the GIs use appears right at the top of the story, and Lois Lane notices it, as it advertises a perfume that does not really exist. Apparently Lois is so into perfume that she knows every single brand.  Among the people mystified at how the newsreel footage is being taken are Clark Kent, and also the head of a rival newsreel firm.


Some of the art is extremely good.  And the story isn’t bad.  Superman takes a liking to the boys, and works to help them, especially when their rival tries to sabotage them.


Billy Gunn returns in the Vigilante series in this story by George Roussos.  Once again, Stuff is nowhere in sight, and probably recording his radio show.


Billy Gunn (called Popp Gunn in these stories, matching the name he uses in the Vigilante movie serial, runs a shooting gallery in Times Square.  A rival gallery has opened, offering big prizes, to lure customers away.  Vigilante uses his shooting skills to win every prize they have, turning them over to Gunn to offer himself at his gallery.  The assumption is made that the rivals want to drive Gunn out of business, and will then no longer offer prizes, but that’s a pretty weak justification for Vigilante’s actions.  But the rivals than firebomb Gunn’s stand, so all bets are off.


There is a good scene, with Vigilante captured an bound behind a target, which Gunn is encouraged to shoot at.


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