Al Plastino takes the art chores on Action 123 (Aug. 48), as Superman becomes a target in  an odd competition.


Various criminals take over an uninhabited island.  They decide to have a competition to determine who gets to rule over them.  The winner will be the one who kills Superman.  But rather than allow each man to come up with his own scheme, they build a giant punchboard, with 50 potential methods of murder.  Each person has to try the method their punch reveals.


After that bizarre premise, the story proceeds with a large number of scenes of Superman surviving various attacks.  At least it’s interesting to look at.  The final attempt involves trying to kill Lois.  Cause that just has to happen somewhere.


At the end, with the final hoods imprisoned in the punchboard itself, Superman flies the island into US jurisdiction, and shows off his camera ring, with which he filmed their murder attempts.


The Rainbow Man is back again, thanks to Meskin and Roussos.  Vigilante must be getting really tired of this guy.  I do like the colour wheel on the splash page, though.


And the Rainbow Man does pull off an impressive “white” escape, blending in with his cell walls.


He uses a colour organ to spin the colour wheel, and later, as a device of, umm, torment?  Vigilante and Stuff look like they were possibly given psychedelic drugs before being put in front of the colour organ’s screen.  Vigilante holds it together enough to throw the wheel into the screen, and save them from becoming hippies.


It’s kind of amazing that this is the very first Rainbow Man story to end on a rainbow bridge, with the villain landing in a pot of gold.


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