The cover of Action 125 (Oct. 48) goes for a generic image, and not a particularly interesting one at that.


Al Plastino does a good job inside, though, as an old hermit shows up at the Daily Planet, announcing to have discovered prophecies by Nostradamus.  Lois Lane displays her learning, filling in the staff (and some readers) with background on the historical figure, and Perry is impressed enough to give his forecast of a meteor hitting the city front page coverage.  And it does come true, although Superman stops the meteor from doing any damage.


Superman continues to act to make further prophecies harmless, while the reader gets informed that Luthor is really the mastermind behind this scheme.  The hermit is simply the dupe he left the prophecies for, and he has been using his weaponry to make them come true.  His plans is to empty the city of people, so he and his men can loot it, after a prophecy warns people against staying.


It’s a fairly elaborate plot, but not a bad one.  Superman gets on his trail, when he spots indications that the prophecies were forged.  There is also a subplot of one of Luthor’s men seeing Clark change into Superman.  He has to prove that he is two different people, which he does using the super speed he ought to have used when changing clothes where the hood could see him.

Curiously, at the end of the story, the Daily Planet hire the hermit to do weather forecasts.  Umm, ok.


Congo Bill gets a particularly vicious tale this month, by Edwin Smalle.  A man wants to steal diamonds, but Congo Bill is camping on the spot where they are.  Not willing to wait until Bill moves on, or simply scare him off, the man buys a leopard.


He then train the leopard to kill Congo Bill.  This guy is seriously disturbed.  But I admit I fear for Bill’s life.


The fight between Bill and the leopard is really well told, very intense.


There is no shying away at the ending, either.  Bill stabs the creature, who attacks his trainer in a dying leap.  Congo Bill finds the man by following the vultures.  Geez.


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