Superman takes sides in a kid’s football game in the cover story from Action 128 (Jan. 49), by Frederic Ellsworth and Al Plastino.


Gamblers get involved in the game, and an attempt to take out the best player, Big Red, winds up giving one entire team food poisoning.


Superman comes to the aid of the children who take the place of the sick players, lead by Big Red’s little brother, cleverly named Little Red.  It’s not a great story, barely a serviceable one.  The best bit has Clark all bundled up against the cold – but the bundling is to cover to Lois that he is not really there, but on the field as Superman.


For the last few stories, ever since the leopard attack, the narration has referred to Congo Bill working for the World-Wide Insurance company.  In this issue, by Smalle, Bill himself refers to the company in the dialogue, and we see that he has a secretary.  He also is trying to sneak out, before being sent on another assignment.  Only a few months in, and having a boss is already grating on the man.


Bill gets sent to the Kimberly diamond mines in South Africa, after a theft.  But as the story progresses, Bill comes to believe he is on a wold goose chase, and the manager of the mine is the true thief.


Binder, Swan and Fischetti take us back to the amazing future of 1988 in this Tommy Tomorrow tale.


Tommy is watching robots playing football as the story opens. We also discover that criminals are now kept in prisons made out of hollowed asteroids – a forerunner of the “prison planet” idea that would grow in Legion of Super-Heroes.


Tommy spends much of this story chasing an escaped prisoner through our solar system.  The memorial to the first moon landing is kind of neat.  Good thing there is no date on it though!

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