No direct connection between cover and story on Action 132 (May 1949).


The Superman story delves into the background of the Kent family, as someone tries to kill off its members, in this story by Bill Finger, Wayne Boring and Stan Kaye.  Jimmy Olsen has a cameo near the top of the story, and a few members of the Kent’s extended family are introduced, but never seen again.


Clark discovers that the presumed motive for the murders deals with a secret treasure belonging to a Kent ancestor, so travels backwards through time, checking out various early Kents.  In the late 1800s, he wears a handlebar moustache along with his Superman outfit, because it looks even more ridiculous that way?  He meets his adoptive father as a young boy – but the first name is given as Silas.  Just goes to show how rarely Ma and Pa Kent appeared at this time.


His third trip back in time takes Superman to the American Revolution, and he learns one of the Kents was a hero in that war, and the treasure comes from that era.  He comes back to the present and identifies the killer, but does not take possession of the treasure, even though he is legally heir to it, because just being part of the US is enough of a reward. Gag.


Tommy Tomorrow’s younger brother Tim is introduced in this story, and we can all thank Binder, Swan and Fischetti for never referring to him as Timmy Tomorrow.


Tommy shows Tim a alien gem he picked up on his travels, and the stone takes control of his mind, drawing him out to a far planet.  Tommy follows, and they find the source of the gems.  Throughout this tale, the organization that Tommy belongs to is called the Planeteers, which it will remain.


The mind-controlling gem stones are connected to hibernating aliens, who revive when Tommy and Tim come near them. This story would be re-written in the 60s as a Superman/Batman adventure, with Jimmy Olsen and Robin falling victim to the gems.



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