Boring and Kaye do the art on Action 166 (March 1952), as Perry White gets competitive.


Perry is determined that the Daily Planet should triumph in a contest to find the bravest reporter, and sends Lois Lane out on deadly assignments.  Clark keeps a watch on her as Superman, saving her from certain death.


But the whole thing turns out to be a Luthor plot.  He has kidnapped Perry White, and replaced him with a robot.  The plan is to keep Superman busy looking out for Lois, as Luthor and his men rob the city with impunity.


It works for a while, but the end of the story goes haywire, with Clark getting framed for a murder attempt on Perry White.  Still, there hasn’t been a Superman story even this good in the pages of Action Comics for a while. The early 50s were not the best era for this book.


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