The cover of Action 178 (March 1953) proclaims the “Sandman of Crime,” but there is no Sandman of any type in the story by Boring and Kaye.


Instead, there is a puzzling little tale about a criminal who has dream-domes, in which hoods get dreams of how they could commit crimes.  The dreams are all fake – just movies that the hoods “watch” while sleeping, getting the impression that they are involved in the events.  But it’s also not a scam.  He only accepts payment if the inspired crime succeeds.


Superman gets involved in all of this. Adopting an identity to infiltrate the group, he winds up playing Superman in the dreams on how to get the best of him.  But another hood is jealous.  He wanted to play Superman.  So he replaces a prop gun’s bullets with real bullets, and exposes Superman’s fake identity.


It’s a very wandering story, which doesn’t hold together very well.  At the end, Superman gives all the bad guys dreams of triumphing over him, which he has filmed, and then wakes them to the harsh reality that he has captured them.


Jack Miller and Edwin Smalle introduce the word Congorilla into the Congo Bill series, if not the actual character, yet.


The Congorilla in this story is a highly intelligent ape, who saves Congo Bill towards the start of the story.  He encounters the creature again, as he is working alongside a motion picture crew in his job as troubleshooter for World-Wide Insurance.  I really hate the period when he has that job, which is why so few of these stories are being discussed here.  Anyway, the film crew want to trap the gorilla and use him in movies.  Bill is supposedly helping them, but really sabotaging their efforts, to keep the gorilla free.

A few years down the road a completely different Congorilla would become the mainstay of this series.


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