The Daily Planet goes world-wide in Action 203 (April 1955), by Boring and Kaye.


Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen are each sent out to oversee the opening of new branches of the paper, in Bombay, Paris and London, respectively.  It’s a bit odd that Jimmy would be sent out, as he has little status within the organization.  Perhaps Perry White just wanted a break from him for a while.


Sadly, the story really does not make much use of its varied locales, getting mired in a smuggling plot.  But international editions and offices of Daily Planet would continue to pop up from time to time.


The mid-50s were the heyday of the gladiator movie, and Miller and Smalle manage to weave Congo Bill into the mold, and yet keep the story on a reasonable level.


While guiding an archaeological expedition, Congo Bill comes across the extensive remains of a Roman ampitheatre, as well as some abandoned gladitorial gear.  No sooner has he done this than a lion attacks, allowing for Bill to step right into the gladiator role.


Bill also bests a cape buffalo, toying with it as if it were a bullfight.  Janu only shows up at the very end of the story, and believes none of Bill’s gladitorial achievements.

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