Superman, his home world and friends, get a theme park about them in the Finger, Boring and Kaye story in Action 210 (Nov. 55).


By and large, this story functions as an introduction to the character and his origin.  I noticed, though, that this story also opens the floodgates for the Daily Planet orb. It had appeared before, most recently in the Mr. Mxyztplk story a couple of issues ago, but had not been a regular feature on the building.  In this story, the globe appears prominently on the cover, as well as on the model of the Daily Planet building in Superman Land.


Luthor shows up, in disguise, with another piece of synthetic kryptonite that he has made.  It’s a half-hearted attempt to kill Superman, though, and is largely there to provide some dramatic tension, and to include both Luthor and kryptonite in this overview of Superman.


And, in an indirect way, this story also explains why, from now on, everyone seems to know of Superman’s origin, and the properties of kryptonite.

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