Boring and Kaye take the art on Action 215 (April 1956), as Superman flies into the future to meet his successor.


Superman answers a cross-time distress call, and meets the Superman of 2056.  This man is from Earth, with no actual powers, but with a suit that gives him identical abilities.


As would be the rule for so many future variations of Superman, his alternate identity also matches that of Clark Kent, as Craig King is a reporter for the Daily Planet, working under an editor who looks just like Perry White.  There is a woman at the paper who thinks King is really Superman, and an evil genius with an alliterative name.


Still, it’s a fun story, if not a mind-blowing one.  And though this future Superman would never return, there would be many more to come.


Miller and Smalle share a very entertaining Congo Bill story in this issue, as he and Janu watch over a butterfly hunter.


The man is so intent on collecting the rare species he spots, that he seems completely oblivious to the wild animals that repeatedly threaten his life.  Bill is driven almost to exasperation by the man.


The butterfly collector turns out to be a bit more on the ball than Bill thought, and gets them out of trouble when they run into some angry natives.  But he still puts his butterflies above all else.

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