Superman Island, the cover story for Action 224 (Jan. 57), by Boring and Kaye, is one of those stories that just leaving you shaking your head in puzzlement.


Superman builds a giant island in the shape of himself, even colouring it appropriately, and then demands that no one set foot on it.  Of course, this is more than Lois Lane could possibly handle, and she sets out to get onto the island.


Some thieves, who figure Superman must be hiding something of value, have also found their way onto the island.  They capture Lois when they run across her, because everyone captures Lois.  They do find a hidden secret, which Lois has already figured out.


Superman has been gathering up all the kryptonite he could find.  It was intended to be used as a power source, but the experiment to convert it failed.  Superman tosses the island and all its kryptonite into space.  BUT  If you want to hide all the kryptonite and use it in an experiment, why build something that will attract so much attention?  Why not just put up a big sign saying SECRET STUFF HERE!

Aside from that annoying element, the important thing in this story is the amount of kryptonite shown to be on Earth. Up to now, it has been synthetic kryptonite, created by Luthor, that has been used in stories.  This tale makes it clear that there is more than enough lying around for anyone to use.


Congo Bill and Janu meet the Golden Gorilla in this Howard Sherman story. It bears a passing resemblance to the Congorilla story a while back, as the intelligent gorilla saves Congo Bill’s life twice.


The gorilla then embarks on a crime spree, but Bill continues to protect it.


It turns out there are two Golden Gorillas.  The real one, and a painted fake, trained to steal by thieves.  They figured they would play on Bill’s devotion to the animal that saved his life. In fact, the Golden Gorilla winds up saving Bill and Janu at the end of the story as well, taking down the criminals.



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