Another not-quite-but-sort-of Bizarro character is featured in Action 226 (March 1957), by Binder, Boring and Kaye.


A giant, white, monstrous alien is found buried in the Earth, and brought back to Metropolis to be displayed.


Luthor attempts to kill Superman, firing a synthetic kryptonite bullet. It misses the hero, but hits the monster, and the radioactivity brings the creature out of its dormant state.  It promptly goes on a rampage, but an unusual, collecting broken glass along the way.


The creature also displays powers that are similar to Superman, although sometimes backwards, like flame breath instead of cold breath.


In the end, it turns out to be a perfectly rational alien, who had crashed on Earth, and was suffering greatly due to our climate.  Superman helps send him back to his ice world.

Luthor’s appearance in the story is so minor, but is one of the things that does make this reminiscent of Bizarro.


Congo Boy and Janu meet Jungle Joe, a Tarzan-like character, in this Howard Sherman story.


When Congo Bill falls ill, Janu starts to hang out with Jungle Joe instead.  As Bill recuperates, he becomes openly jealous, and wants to prove to the boy that he is just as good as Joe.


Jungle Joe turns out to be one of the raiders who had been causing them problems, and he had no interest in Janu, aside from taking him away from Bill to make the man miserable. He almost kills Janu, but Congo Bill intervenes and saves the boy.


Binder and Mooney created this Tommy Tomorrow story, about billboards in outer space, that makes me laugh so much.  It’s not played for comedy, I just find the space billboards idea hilarious.


Defacing planets is all in a days work for these guys – although Tommy has to step in to help, after the billboard creator is wounded by thieves.


Eventually Tommy picks upon the colourful clue the artist left on his last work, and captures the attacker.


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