act_236 Binder, Boring and Kaye give Superman an amazingly ugly new uniform in Action 236 (Jan. 58). act_236_001 Luthor disguises himself as a prominent scientist, after kidnapping the man.  He tricks Superman into turning over his uniform for an experiment, and replaces it with one that is easily destroyed.  Luthor pretends this is a result of the experiment, and provides him with a yellow and purple one, which has a variety of special, somewhat useful features, as well as an anti-kryptonite device. act_236_002 Superman is remarkably trusting through much of this story, playing right into Luthor’s hands.  Using the original uniform, Luthor passes himself off as the real Superman, and activates the kruptonite bomb concealed in the anti-kryptonite device. act_236_003 Jimmy Olsen is the real hero of the day, helping Superman fake his powers, which causes Luthor to reveal his identity as he tries to attack Superman. But all in all, a weak story.


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