Oh, Superman has a big white beard!  Hey, kids, get your helicopter out of my sky!


In Action 251 (April 1959), Robert Bernstein and Al Plastino have Clark Kent act a bit like Lois.  Upon interviewing a scientist, who is about to test a longevity formula, Clark downs it himself, to see the effects.  But oops!  The scientist messed up the formula, and it will induce aging – or super-aging!


So Clark wakes up as an old man, and learns that it will take three days for the effects to wear off.  Even as Superman, he finds himself substantially weakened.


His robots will not respond to his aged voice, but his beard remains invulnerable, and cannot be cut.


So he spends the remainder of the story stopping criminals by pretending to by quasi-mythological characters, like the Old Man of the Sea, or Father Time.


Supergirl gets a full-page ad promoting her series, which will begin in the following issue.


In a not-unrelated event, Tommy Tomorrow gets his final story in Action Comics, courtesy of Otto Binder and Jim Mooney.


Tommy, Brent and the other Planeteers are desperately trying to stop a deadly space amoeba, but it’s malleable nature makes it impossibly to contain or destroy.


Tommy saves the day, and the galaxy, by freezing it solid from the inside.

As billed in the subscript, Tommy Tomorrow’s series moves over to World’s Finest Comics, making room for Supergirl.  Very polite of him.


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