Bizarro had been introduced in the Superboy comic the previous year, but the character died at the end of the story.  Otto Binder and Al Plastino bring the character back for good in Action 254 (July 1959).


Luthor has acquired the plans of the machine used in the earlier story, and with the help of his assistant,Vekko, he recreates it.


Luthor lures Superman, and uses the imperfect duplicator on him, creating a new Bizarro, who nonetheless has the memories of dying as the original.  But Luthor was expecting an obedient slave with Superman’s powers.  Bizarro runs amok right from the start.


His invulnerability is clear to see as the military does everything, including nuke him, trying to stop Bizarro.


Since Superman is in love with Lois Lane, Bizarro is as well.  He builds a ramshackle home for them, and brings Lois there to propose.  She rejects him, politely, insisting that she loves only Superman.


Bizarro than has probably the most complicated thoughts of his life, as he uses the imperfect duplicator on himself, creating a perfect Superman.  He sends this one to propose to Lois, while using kryptonite to keep Superman away (as per the cover image).

Vekko, incidentally, does not appear again until John Byrne’s reboot of Superman, where he returns as Luthor’s assistant during the creation of Bizarro.

The story concludes in the next issue.


Congorilla falls under the control of someone else in this Howard Sherman story.  A thief breaks into Congo Bill’s room while he is sleeping, and steals the ring, along with his watch and money.


The thief has read about the ring, though he didn’t realize it was Congo Bill’s room he was breaking into.  He tries it out, and is excited to be in the Golden Gorilla’s body, which he promptly starts using for crime.  Bill has to subdue the gorilla, in the thief’s body, and then try to capture him.


Fortunately, a rampaging gorilla is not that hard to find.  Bill wears an African mask as he hunts the gorilla-thief down.  I’m not certain why.  Who is he trying to conceal his identity from?


Despite her efforts to prove Linda Lee unworthy, Supergirl gets taken by a foster family in this story by Binder and Mooney.


They run a carnival sideshow, and plan to use Linda in the act, as a strong girl.  She figures that it’s  all just entertainment, so goes along with it.


When she is whisked away before the show is over, she gets suspicious, and uses her vision and hearing powers to learn that her foster parents are using her as part of their phony strength serum scam.


Linda uses her Supergirl powers to trick them into thinking the formula really works.  It’s easy when she just has to appear strong herself, more difficult when she has to make her foster father think it worked on him.  The couple fall for her scam, and bankrupt themselves on worthless serum.  No longer able to support Linda, they return her to the orphanage.

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