act_257 Binder, Boring and Kaye are the creative team for the Superman story in Action 257 (Oct. 59). act_257_001 Luthor escapes from prison, and builds a machine that will give normal people super-powers. Uncertain of the side effects, he intends to test it on one of his own men, but they are nowhere to be found.  Probably because they are tired of being tested on. Clark Kent and Lois Lane happen to be passing by, so Luthor uses the machine on Clark.  He cannot tell if the machine really had an effect on him, but notices that it seems to have given powers to a fly. act_257_002 Although this story is not played for comedy, it verges on it.  Clark now gets to use his powers in everyday life, with no one being suspicious. act_257_003 Lois and Perry are both puzzled when Clark starts using his powers to acquire wealth, though Luthor is pleased with the news. act_257_004 But when Clark gives his riches away to charity, and acts as if this behaviour is a side effect of the powers, Luthor decides his machine is flowed and destroys it. act_257_005 Binder and Mooney let Supergirl show her stuff in this month’s story.  Linda is reading fairy tales to some of the young orphans.  One of the boys insists that fairies do not exist, so Linda decides to mess with him.  I loved this story as a kid, when I read it as a reprint in an issue of Superman Family, but now it all seems pretty cruel, especially since the boy is right. act_257_006 Supergirl disguises herself as a fairy, and uses her powers to perform feats of magic. act_257_007 Eventually she traumatizes the boy into submission. Good for you, Supergirl, you taught that rotten kid a lesson for insisting that fairy tales are not reality.


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