Lois Lane’s heart gets broken in the Al Plastino story in Action 260 (Jan.60), as Superman starts a romance with Mighty Maid.


Lois lane gets swept up in a tornado, and is surprised to be rescued by a super-powered woman, Mighty Maid.  She immediately starts flirting with Superman, who responds.


Mighty Maid is an other-dimensional creature, with powers identical to Superman.  They work together well, as Lois gets more and more despondent.  Finally, Superman proposes to her.  Perry White adds insult to injury as he makes Lois cover the proposal.


But Mighty Maid is really Supergirl, and the whole thing has been a hoax, intended to fool some aliens who plan to attack Earth, simply because Superman lives there.  With the announcement that Superman intends to leave Earth,they give up on their plans.


The story ends as Superman saves Lois from falling off a building, supposedly by accident.  I think she jumped.  He uses Supergirl’s real age (15) as the reason the wedding was called off.


Supergirl gets even younger than fifteen in her story, by Binder and Mooney.


Supergirl rescues an old man drowning in a pond, but discovers that it was really the Fountain of Youth, which has caused her to regress to the age of a baby.


The story is very much like a Superbaby tale, as she winds up around criminals.  She just has fun, oblivious to them, but the effects of her powers lead the men to believe that they are being haunted by ghosts, and they flee.

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