Binder, Boring and Kaye conclude the introduction of Bizarro World in Action 264 (May 1960).


The execution is put on hold when the bell rings to call an end to the work day, and rescheduled for a week later.  Superman dreams that he gets turned into a Bizarro, and has big problems when he returns to Earth (as per the cover image).  The Bizarros make him battle other prisoners in a gladitorial arena while he waits out the week.


Before they can carry out the sentence, Superman points out that their world itself is a perfect sphere, and offers to “fix” that.


So it is Superman himself who turns Bizarro World into a cube.  He is released from his sentence in gratitude.


Supergirl gets adopted, as the title of the story implies, in this Siegel and Mooney tale.


Under orders from Superman to not be adopted, Linda tries to make herself look unappealing, but a couple pick her anyway.


The father is a police officer, and the mother sits around knitting.  Linda finds the knitting boring, and uses her telescopic vision to watch her more dynamic father.  When he gets in trouble, she hypnotizes her new mom, and disguises herself as Superman to save him.


But when hoods almost kill Linda, we learn that they already had a daughter, who died at the hands of criminals.  They don’t want the same thing to happen to another daughter, so take Linda back to the orphanage.

Really?  They ought to have thought of that before adopting her in the first place.  Jerks.

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