Binder, Boring and Kaye conclude Superman’s rivalry with Hercules in Action 269 (Sept. 60).


Hercules returns to Metropolis, and shows off his newly acquired powers of the gods.  It makes no difference to Lois’ feelings about Superman.


Hercules goes on a rampage, fighting Superman, and being generally destructive.  Although I suspect Superman was equally destructive when he pulled the Moon out of its orbit, into to make the ocean re-fill a bay of water Hercules magically evaporated.


Hercules uses Apollo’s lyre to put Superman to sleep for a hundred years, but Venus steps in.  She is not impressed with Hercules’ behaviour, and intends to report him to Zeus.


This sends Hercules into an even more desperate attempt to kill Superman.  Superman notices that as Hercules goes faster, he gets more confused.  Exploiting this, he makes the demi-god travel through time again, which removes his memory of all the time he spent in the present.


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