Siegel, Swan and Klein give Lois Lane a magic mirror in Action 269 (Oct. 60).


The mirror is a gift from Lois’ uncle, and is reputed to have been owned by Merlin.  Whether that is true or not, the mirror proves itself repeatedly, exposing a con artist, a midget thief, a bald woman, as well as showing that Perry White has a heart of gold, and Jimmy has a swollen head.


Eventually, Superman stands in front of it, and it reveals his identity as Clark Kent.


To get out of this, Superman works at super-speed building robots of him and Lois, as well as burning an inscription into the mirror.  All to convince Lois that the mirror sometimes lies.  And she believes it, despite all the previous images, and the fact that there would be no benefit at all to a magic mirror that randomly lied and told the truth.


Siegel and Mooney give Supergirl a boyfriend in this month’s story.


Supergirl comes to the aid of a ship in danger of capsizing, saving it from below, to keep her existence a secret.  Lori Lemaris telepathically calls her, asking her to come to Atlantis.  This is the first time they meet, and she also is introduced to Ronal, as well as a merboy, Jerro, making his debut.


Jerro shows Supergirl around Atlantis, and underwater sparks fly (float?) right from the start.


Jerro puts some effort into his role as guide, while Supergirl just swoons.


Things are going along swimmingly, until Supergirl suddenly realizes that Atlanteans are telepathic. Jerro, along with anyone else who was interested, was aware of all of Supergirl’s thoughts, which must have been pretty extreme, considering her level of embarrassment.  She flees Atlantis, and returns to the orphanage.


But no sleep for Linda.  Maybe it’s the wig, or maybe it’s the boy with no genitals.

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