Edmond Hamilton and Al Plastino on what Lex Luthor has been up to on Roxar in Action 294 (Nov. 62).


Superman has been updating his model collection.  He makes a statue of Lex on Roxar.  Perhaps he has statues of every single place Lex has ever been.  Kind of obsessed there, Superman?

Lex has been more productive, having devised a protection for the robots from giant alien bugs.  He is granted honourary robot status, and allowed a lot more freedom in his lab.


Bad idea.  Lex takes three of the humanoid androids, and transforms them, creating Diamond Man, Lead Man and Kryptonite Man.


When Superman comes to Roxar to check on him, he pits the creatures against him.  But Lead Man has some sense of justice, and allows himself to be destroyed, in order to block the radiations of Kryptonite Man.  This time, Superman brings Lex back to Earth to imprison him.


Supergirl and Super-Horse’s romance takes a tragic turn in his Dorfman and Mooney story.


Comet is being used in a movie about Super-Horse, and Supergirl has been requested to help fake his super-powers.  Oh, the irony.  Starring opposite Comet is Mitzi Taylor, a big Hollywood star.  Comet seems to be more interested in her than in Supergirl, to the heroine’s dismay.


She is puzzled that Comet has stopped “speaking” to her telepathically, and startled when she finds that he no longer has his powers.  Superman helps solve s of the mystery, as the footage taken shows Comet eating flora from the Lotus-Eaters, which has induced amnesia. He no longer remembers being Super-Horse.

Linda is left heart broken at the end of the story.


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