You just know form the cover of Action 296 (Jan. 63), that the Plastino story is going to be goofy, but it turns out to be a much better than than expected.


Giant red ants come to Metropolis, going on raids.  But as the reached the city, they rescued a couple of climbers, showing that they are not mindless monsters.


The ants are immune to all attacks, and Superman cannot communicate with them.  So he enters a red kryptonite cloud that had once given Krypto an ant head, knowing it will do the same to him.  Now he is able to talk with the ants.


They inform him of their world, destroyed in nuclear war. They evolved, the only survivors, and travel the universe.  Their ship crashed on Earth, and they were gathering parts for repairs.


Leo Dorfman and Jim Mooney bring back Lena Thorul in this story.


Linda attends a costume dance, along with Dick Malverne and Lena.  Linda is dressed a Pocohontas, while Dick and Lena are dressed as Superman and Supergirl.


Thieves attack the party, and Supergirl uses her powers secretly, to defeat them.  Because Lena is dressed as Supergirl, the police believe she is really is the heroine, and so does Dick.


Lena, of course, denies that she is Supergirl, but that just goads Dick on to trying to prove that she is.


Linda gets all weepy and jealous.  As if she didn’t also have Jerro and Brainiac 5 in line.


Luthor gives Supergirl some diamonds to give to Lena.  She drops one in a coal bucket, and Dick pounces on that as more proof of her powers.

Then, surprisingly, Lena admits that she really is Supergirl.

The story continues in the next issue.

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