A really great cover for Action 300 (May 1963).


The Superman Revenge Squad actually manage to pull off one of their schemes, sending Superman into the Earth’s distant future, after the planet has been abandoned, and the sun has become a red giant.  Superman’s powers are drained by the lack of yellow sun, and he is forced to navigate the dead planet as a normal human.


Edmonf Hamilton and Al Plastino are the creative team on this somber tale.  There are robotic replicas of a number of Superman’s friends and enemies, that were constructed as eternal memorials to Superman, and give him someone to talk to.  But much of the story consists of him travelling through the hostile environment that the planet has become.


Superman finally reaches his Fortress of Solitude, hoping to get help from the Kandorians, only to discover that, at some point, the bottle city got enlarged, and they are no longer there.  He does manage to figure out a solution, using red kryptonite to shrink himself, and an abandoned mini Kandorian rocket to make the trip back through time.


Not the normal type of Superman story at all.  The ending is almost shocking, as he simply sits and stares out at the city, contemplating the dead world to come.


On a much lighter note, Dorfman and Mooney bring back Comet in this Supergirl story.


Linda sees Comet performing at a circus, but the animal still does not recognize her, or have his memory back.  When some thieves lasso him, and he tries to get away, Comet becomes aware that he has greater strength than he expected he would.


The bad guys do manage to corral him, and use him in a theft, but Comet gets rid of them by swimming up a waterfall, which brushes them off.  Comet is then taken in by a farm family, still without his memory.


But when an eagle attacks the baby of the family, Comet leaps skyward to get the girl, and discovers that he can fly.  This was the last twig, and Comet’s memory is restored just as Supergirl reaches him.


Comments on: "Action 300 – Superman under a red sun, and Comet, the Super-Horse returns" (2)

  1. In Action 300, Superman’s fortress had a shrinking ray machine that he used, so why did he need the red kryptonite? If the machine couldn’t shrink him without the red k, why did he even need the machine then? That part of the story seems fuzzy to me, though it’s one of the best Superman stories overall.


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