Superman displays an astounding lack of foresight in Action 320 (Jan. 65).


Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen are going to spend three days sealed up in an underground bunker, to do a story on it for the Daily Planet, in this Binder and Plastino story.  Superman has taken no steps to ensure someone will be there to protect the city if anything happens during this period.


So guess what, an organized gang attack the city.  Superman cannot make stable communication with Kandor, and even his attempts to contact the Legion of Super-Heroes fail.  He does reach through to the past, and pulls Hercules, Samson and Atlas to the present.


They do half-assed attempts as disguising themselves as Superman, but do get rid of the bad guys.  But then they decide to rule themselves.  They also display a variety of powers that the “real” version never had – lightning blasts, induing the “sleep of Morpheus,” and rising the ocean level.


The last is somewhat helpful, as the Planet reporters must flee the flooding bunker, and Superman can go into action.  He takes on a different identity though, to confuse the mythological heroes about his powers.  He makes them his slaves, but leaves them a way to get back to their own times, which they eagerly do.

In the end, he finds out from the Kandorians that these were not the ones from our universe and history.  Superman had reached into the past of a parallel dimension of evil beings, and an earlier Superboy story is cited as the same universe.  To me, this is obviously Earth-3. This story negates nothing already established about that world, and just fills in its past more clearly.




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