Binder and Boring begin a three-part story in Action 351 (April 1967), which pits Superman against Zha-Vam.


DC had crushed and consumed Fawcett Comics, the publishers of the Capaina Marvel whose magic word as Shazam, but were reluctant to use the character.  So they used weird variations like this one.  The gods who are the source of Zha-Vam’s powers are even largely the same ones who endow Shazam, except Apollo replaces Atlas, and Vulcan takes the place of Solomon.


Zha-Vam bursts into an organized crime gathering, demanding to be made the boss.  He demonstrates his impressive array of powers, scaring the crap out of the hoods, who hare happy to put him in charge.


Zha-Vam leads his men on an assault on Fort Knox.  Superman shows up to stop them, and he and Zha-Vam battle.  Superman finds himself equally matched.


Well, no, he finds himself squashed under Zha-Vam’s foot, and tossed to the side like a piece of trash.  A really crushing defeat, but Superman simply prepares for the enxt time

Which comes in the next issue.

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